Nowerox Nigeria Limited provides services across the project development and operation value chain. Our focus is to add value to our client's projects and operations by providing quality tailored products and services to meet their unique challenges at a competitive price. We have highly skilled and qualified personnel with indepth knowledge to ensure smooth excecution of projects.
Our services can be divided into three categories:
Supply chain, Maintenance and Leasing (SML)
Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC)
Freight Forwarding, Clearing and Logictics (FCL)
Find below our core competencies and clients we have worked with over the years.

Nowerox Nigeria Limited supply services aims at ensuring quality and timely delivery of all aspects of our core competency materials in line with the required specifications and certification within defined budgets. Our philosophy is built upon open and consistent communication with our clients in order to meet up with their request promptly. We insist on high ethical, moral and fair practice standards when dealing with our client.
NNL has a team of specialist that sources request promptly both local and internationally, meeting client’s expectations and demands. NNL is an official representative of Bestar Steel Co., Pro-Lock and Henan Anson Steel Co. and Vishal Engineering Co. Find below our services which include but are not limited to.

Pipes & Piping Materials

  • Seamless & Welded pipe
  • Flanges
  • Valves and more

Structural materials include but not limited to:

  • Steel plates
  • Steel bars
  • Angle iron, etc.

Downhole materials include but not limited to:

  • Centralizers
  • Float Equipments
  • Pup & Blast Joints
  • Hydro-Trip Sub, etc.

Electrical materials include but not limited to:

  • Cables
  • Pro-locks
  • Security Seals & tags
  • Socket outlet
  • Lamps, etc.

At Nowerox Nigeria Limited we also carry out the supply of AGO, Our main focus is in utilising local expertise to deliver best quality Petroleum Products to meet both corporate and individual needs. with core competences in the underlisted services:


Supply of Petroleum Products such as:

  • Automotive Gas Oil (DIESEL)
  • Premium Motor Spirit(PETROL)
  • Dual Purpose Kerosene (DPK)


Our team of highly motivated and result driven professionals, with great years of experience in the petroleum sector are always on ground to deliver quality services.
At Nowerox Nigeria Limited, our services are tailored to meet corporate and individual needs, with our special regards to safety, quality and on time delivery at the most effective price.
Our years of experience in tackling the logistics challenges involved in timely acquisition and supply of petroleum products to our esteemed clients has placed us on the list of reliable vendors locally. That is why we are able to add so much value to the long term smooth operations and services of our clients.


Nowerox Nigeria Limited has the following Operational permit to deal & supply petroleum products, supply of Petroleum Products such as:

  • Sales & Storage of Petroleum Products License
  • DPR permit.


Our Storage facility is reliable and efficient with our filling stations, and owing to the fact that we have an agreement with a reputable and standard tank farm operators and owners, which we utilise for our permanent petroleum products storage site.
We at Nowerox deliver only the best at the most affordable price to the satisfaction of our customers. We also load directly from Government and private depots.

PPE/Safety materials include but not limited to:

  • Coverall
  • Boots
  • Hard Hats
  • Eye protection
  • Life jacket, etc.

Nowerox Nigeria Limited provides scalable, cost-effective and integrated maintenance services during a facility’s lifecycle in virtually any location within Nigeria, including established oil & gas fields and newly developed areas.
We maintain a well trained group of staff to cater for the engineering needs of the company. They are responsible for engineering and general oil field maintenance.
We offer a wide range of maintenance services, including complete turnkey operations models. For optimal flexibility, we offer integrated maintenance solutions to fit client requirements. Our services include but not limited to the following:

Pipeline/Flowline Services include but not limited to:

  1. Pigging Services
  2. Pipeline wrapping Services
  3. Corrosion Prevention and Control Services
  4. Flowline Installation and Maintenance Services
  5. Pressure Testing and Nitrogen Purging

1. Pigging Services

Debris and deposits in pipelines reduce product flow and if left unchecked can result in pipelines becoming blocked. A planned cleaning programme for pipelines can prevent the build-up of debris or deposits and therefore help ensure continuous product throughput is achieved.
NNL offers a range of specialist engineering services to support the planned cleaning of production pipelines.
NNL provides production cleaning services for specific projects or as part of ongoing framework agreements, covering different aspects of pipeline pigging and flow assurance services. Services available from NNL for the cleaning of production pipelines include:

  • Data gathering / site surveys
  • Pre-inspection cleaning
  • Preparation of cleaning methodology
  • Preparation of pigging procedures
  • Supply of specialist cleaning tools and cleaning equipment
  • Progressive cleaning of pipelines
  • Design, fabrication and installation of pig launchers / receivers

2. Pipeline wrapping / Coating Services

Nowerox Nigeria Limited carries out stop and repair of external corrosion, dents, gouges, erosion, or other defects in piping systems. With NNL composite solutions piping systems are restored to their Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure (MAOP) regardless of surface irregularities (welds, dents, sleeves etc) piping configuration (tees, elbows and reducers) internal or external wall loss. NNL also offers complete and permanent repairs to tanks, welds, and infrastructure components such as bridge columns, pilings, and poles. NNL composite wrap systems meet the engineering design requirements of DOT, ASME B31.4/31.8, and ASME PCC-2 and provide our clients with a permanent repair alternative to welded sleeves, bolt on repair clamps and or pipe replacement. The NNL Composite Wrap for pipeline repairs allow plant owners and operators to restore corroded or eroded pipe and piping systems to original design without the expense and hassle of extended down-times.
The structural system forms a pipe around a pipe, and each successive wrap increases the pressure rating. Its bidirectional weave allows for strength in both the hoop and axial directions experiencing little or no creep properties over time, ensuring that there is no reduction in strength. NNL Composite Wrap low profile repair can be installed on tees, elbows, straight runs of pipe, confined spaces and irregular surfaces that require structural reinforcement or leak containment. The adhesive properties of the epoxy allow wrap systems to be applied to most substrates.

3. Corrosion Prevention and Control Services

The environmental and societal impact of infrastructure failure is a primary consideration for today’s pipeline operators. This is why over the years, NNL has focused on providing corrosion prevention design, engineering, supply and field services to its clients.
Cathodic protection is the most common electrochemical technique used to prevent corrosion on buried metallic pipelines where the applied coating has failed or been damaged exposing bare pipeline metal to the soil. Protection is accomplished by applying a direct current to the surface of the metal, which causes the electrochemical potential of the structure to shift from a corroding state to a polarised and non-corroding state
NNL also specializes in providing corrosion control materials. All of our activities are performed under the direct supervision of Professional Engineers. We have a full service Engineering Department capable in all phases of corrosion control projects. Our Engineering Department in conjunction with our Construction and Survey Departments allow NNL to offer "Turn Key" services to our clients. All of our activities are performed by Professional Engineers.

  • Cathodic Protection Design / Protection System
  • Pre-Design Survey Analysis
  • Material Selection and Specifications
  • Interference Investigations
  • Consultation for Compliance
  • Coating Specifications
  • Anomaly Investigation
  • Solar Design and Specification

4. Flowline Installation and Maintenance Services

Fabrication of Pipe Spool

Nowerox Nigeria Limited is specialised in the fabrication of pipe spool of different sizes and specification both on shore and offshore areas. The fabrication shop is segregated to prevent carbon contamination of stainless and other high chromium materials and NNL has developed control systems for the management of material, welding and progress measurement processes.
The fabrication facility meets the demanding quality requirements of the oil and gas industry. Welding procedures, policies and certifications are in place for fabrication of pipe spools in various materials including:

  • Carbon steels
  • Stainless steels
  • Chrome steels and
  • Hastelloy

Flow-Station Installation and Maintenance

Nowerox Nigeria Limited is specialised in the installation and maintenance of flow lines in different sizes and specification both on shore and offshore areas.
All our projects are managed by qualified personnels, and Nowerox is always ready to assist the Client in carrying out this responsibility.
We have experienced staff who work with our clients and have successfully completed the projects on schedule and within budget limits.

5. Pressure Testing & Nitrogen Purging

When it comes to integration of a pressure test unit into your assembly verification application, turn to Nowerox Nig. Ltd. (NNL). With our years of experience in design and build, along with our integration of pressure test applications using methods like hydrostatic testing to proof testing, and ranging from 5 inches of water to 30,000 PSI, you can be rest assured your test performance is optimized with the utmost safety in mind.
NNL has extensive experience in pressure testing Oil and Gas facilities, and other industry applications over the years. We will work with you to determine the best method to use, whether it is one of our pressure testing units or some other method to achieve your testing goals.
During facility maintenance turnarounds, nitrogen is used during shutdown to purge dangerous gases or liquids from vessels, towers, and tanks, which leaves an inert atmosphere for safer maintenance. Prior to plant start-up nitrogen is again used to remove oxygen from process systems reducing the potential of fire or explosion.
Displacement pigs are inserted into pipelines and propelled by nitrogen gas to remove natural gas, crude oil, gasoline, diesel fuel, LPG and other explosive products leaving the pipeline in a clean, dry, and inert state.
Dry nitrogen is also ideal for removing water after hydro-testing to protect moisture sensitive products such as ethylene or chlorine from contamination.

Civil/Mechanical Maintenance include but not limited to:

  1. Civil Works /Upgrade
  2. Facility Maintenance
  3. Valve Installation and maintenance
  4. Pump Installation and Maintenance

1. Civil Works/Upgrade Services

Nowerox Nigeria Limited is a leading company in the Civil works and Engineering that has built a strong reputation for delivering quality service to her clients. We are commited to deliver innovative and excellence results in successfully completed project for both contractor and client. We promote the idea of working as partnerships with our clients to ensure that goals are achieved.

2. Facility Maintenance Services

Nowerox Nigeria Limited provides comprehensive facility maintenance services to her clients. The company has the capacity to deliver a wide range of customized corrective and preventive maintenance to old and new facility.

3. Valve installation and Maintenance Services

Nowerox Nigeria Limited delivers value, reliability and performance second to none. We caryyout out our jobs according to specification, guided with the manufacturers manuals we are sure to give you an accurate job delivery.
NNL offers professional installation services by trained and certified technicians or packaged solutions ready for line cut-in. Either way, you get a valve that meets or exceeds recognized industry requirements and complies with all health and safety regulations.

4. Pump installation and Maintenance Services

Nowerox Nigeria Limited offers a complete package of installation, service and maintenance on all types of pumping systems, our experience and professionalism is well respected which is, due to our commitment to continuous communication. We make sure our projects is carried out step-by-step because we know that accurate records are an essential tool in work execution.
To achieve optimum performance and ensure energy-efficiency, it is important that pumps and dosing skids are installed and set-up correctly from the start. By engaging qualified service technicians with expert product knowledge and experience of a variety of dosing applications, you ensure perfect integration into your systems.

  • We do Seal replacements to large scale commercial booster pump installations
  • We work from domestic up to commercial and industrial
  • We deal with Low pressure, Circulation, Sump and Sewage pumps from reporting on defects to new installations

Heat Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC) include but not limited to:

  1. Conditioning Monitoring of Running Units
  2. Corrective Maintenance
  3. Preventive Maintenance


Nowerox Nigeria Limited specializes on HVAC corrective and preventive maintenance, installation of new HVAC Unit, Ducts lines installation, Revering of unit, supply of HVAC parts and HVAC units, in carrying out HVAC maintenance in the oil and gas industries, Banks and Hotels e.t.c Removal of heat and maintain a temperature equipment requires good maintenance and good parts, good Engineer or technician both safety wise.

Corporate Task

To be considered competent for the maintenance of HVAC systems. This category is concerned with the technician’s ability to complete scheduled maintenance of HVAC system according to the scheduled maintenance plan and within specifications or repair and undertaking task such as lubrication, alignment, replacement of air fillers, cleaning of Condenser and Evaporator fluids, checking the refrigerate values in the system, temperature values, vibrations, unit abnormal noise, loosing terminals.

Monitoring Process

The category involves monitoring and assessing the performance of complex equipment over a period of time.
Discretion is to be used to select modifying methods in order to optimize the effectiveness of the monitoring and assessment process in the existing conditions. It also includes clarification and diagnosing the cause and extent of any fault found in the equipment. Quantitative and qualitative data form personnel, documentation records, and technician log book.

Scope of Work

  • Hand over processes, plant and equipment
  • Acknowledge and confirm responsibility for the control of process, plant and equipment
  • Restore the workplace to be a safe state before returning to operations
  • Assess and minimize risks and hazards
  • Reduce risk and comply with emergency procedure
  • Create and maintain effective working relationship with others
  • Prepare the workplace for maintenance to be carried out
  • Maintain equipment in line with practice and processes
  • Identify, asses and deal with defects and variations in products or assets
  • Analyze and find faults within the equipment
  • Get equipment in place for the maintenance of jobs
  • Organize material for the maintenance of equipment
  • Modify equipment in line with manufacturer and organizational parameter
  • Remove component from mechanical, electrical or electrical equipment using manufacturer’s procedure.
  • Ensure appropriate precautions are in place whilst replacing components from mechanical equipment
  • Establish deviation from tolerance and decide actions to be taken
  • Interpret information from drawings, diagrams, and technical manuals
  • Extract information from technical drawing and publications before starting mechanical work.
  • Classify and recommend opportunities for improvement
  • Ensure that work has been completed to manufacturers and organizational standards
  • Test mechanical plant and equipment following manufacturers and organizational procedures
  • Complete performance condition monitoring on working and static mechanical plant and equipment
  • Assess the performance and condition of equipment using all information available

HVAC Daily Activities

Condition monitoring of all running units

Corrective maintenance:

  1. Replacement of parts
  2. Repairs of parts
  3. Trouble shooting of faults
  4. Remedy

Preventive maintenance:

  1. Inspection of HVAC unit and report
  2. Clearing of condensing unit
  3. Clearing of evaporator or air handling unit AHU
  4. Replacing and cleaning of air filtery
  5. Clearing of air inlet and outlet grills
  6. Lubrication of bearings
  7. Checking unit pressure and temperature
  8. Clearing of air duct
  9. Clearing of chiller water filters

Training of Staff

On The Job Training (OJT)

We train our workers on the job. HVAC has turn to be a global provision. New innovation, awareness need to be created for provisional upgrade

On The Job Safety Training (OJST)

We also carry out safety as number one priority before executing any job, with our company procedure and safety policies.
So, training requires as stated in the policy of the company which says zero percent damage to equipment, 100 percent production that we work towards

Due to air pollutions and our environment and the health hazard it creates, we entered into a technical partnership with Camfill Air Filters, aleading manufacturer of HVAC solution such as airfilters.
Our filters are used in multiple industries including Comfort, Food and Beverages, Pharmaceutical and Healthcare

Our top of the line techonolgy and cost effective solutions include planning, design, procuement, installation, management and maintenance of fire detection and suppression systems.
Our fire detection and suppression products and systems meet the strictest requirements for high risk sectors of activity like utility, manufacturing, fire service, chemical and petro chemical industies.

We maintain a leading position in the design, installation, maintenance and supply of electrical, instrumentation and automation systems and with consistent quality, meeting national and internationl standards, codes and statutory regulations and to meet our customers' expectations.

Our services include but not limited to:

  1. Installation and Maintanance
  2. Facility Installation
  3. Commissioning and Facility Star-UP
  4. Security Management System

Nowerox Nigeria Limited is an industry leader specialized in the leasing of equipment and tools. We have a competitive edge over others in our service delivery. we aim at delivering quality services right on time; our main focus is in utilizing both local and international expertise to deliver best industry practices.
Drawing from our wealth of experience and also our readily available equipment in providing leasing services to our clients in the Oil and Gas industry, our company enjoys a superior competitive position in the provision of leasing services to various industries both onshore and offshore.
Our equipment for lease is as listed below.

Nowerox Nigeria Limited is one of the leader in the importation, supply, assembly and repair of a wide range of lifting equipment. Every day we do our best to meet your requirements and doing it right ontime. We provide not only the best & quickest technical service but keeps the spare parts stock as well.
We would like to invite you to cooperate with Hardlift. It will be a great honour to have You as a business partner.

  • Fork Lift
  • Man Lift
  • Cranes (Different Specifications)

Nowerox Nigeria Limited Nowerox is endowed with various forms of new heavy-duty machinery. We are into the hiring and leasing of heavy duty equipment for transportation, haulage, rig movement and technical repairs of heavy and light equipment. nowerox is very proficient in both inter and intra-city transportation of goods, materials and machines.
NNL has a rich collection of heavy duty equipment. The backbone of all its operations is its vast and sophisticated range of vehicles which includes:

  • Heavy duty trucks
  • Flatbeds
  • Loaders
  • Tractors
  • Cranes

They are manufactured by respected names, enabling BUILDWELL to handle and move cargoes in excess of 75 tonnes, effectively and efficiently. To ensure the maximum performance of its fleet, the company maintains two highly equipped workshops in Lagos and Port-Harcourt.

Due to the demand on marines, our company recognized a need for marine transportation to support the multinational companies that are operating in Nigeria, we came up with the idea to go into leasing of:

  • Barges
  • Tug Boats
  • House Boats to the oil and gas sector.

Our entrepreneurial spirit, personal integrity, very high standards and use of sound business principles serve as the foundation of our company and our commitment to a high standard of customer satisfaction and service is what stands us out from other marine transportation companies.

Nowerox Nigeria Limited have established a strong commitment to quality and time by applying practical expertise to deliver solutions to any of our projects or operations. Our engineers and backed with vast experience and are all COREN certified.

Nowerox Nigeria Limited is capable of providing design services across the entire engineering value chain of a project. We engage in mechanincal, electrical and structural designs.
Some of the packages we offer include:

  • Concept Design
  • Front End Engineering Design (F.E.E.D)
  • Detailed Engineering Design

Utility Systems Design Services

Nowerox Nigeria Limited provides services for the design of utility systems in buildings and projects. We also design utility layout for plants
Our Services include but are not limited to:

  • Heat and Ventilation Assembly Systems (HVAC) Design
  • Water Supply and Sewage Design
  • Power Supply Design
  • Fire Suppression Systems Design

Facility Layout Design Services

Nowerox Nigeria Limited recognizes the importance of a facility layout as a key factor in efficiency and safety in any facility. Our team is dedicated to providing layouts which ensures a smooth flow of information, material and work.

Our procurement service is well structured with the right procurement processes to carry out procurement services for the oil and gas project, starting from the material requisition to our sub suppliers database to competitive tendering, analysis and purchase orders award to expidiation, freight clearing and logistics down to delivery and proper storage at our warehose facility. Wit this process we are able to carryout procurements for all our EPC projects
Pictures of our storage facilities is shown below.

We as a company have years of experience in a range of construction work in both the private and public sector. We carry out construction services which include but are not limited to:

  1. Oil and Gas pipeline Infrastructure Construction
  2. Pipeline Installation and Maintenace
  3. Pipeline Integrity Services
  4. Oil and Gas pipeline infrastructure contractor's services
  5. Horizontal directional drilling
  6. Structural Steel and Pipe fabrication
  7. Emergency callouts

Our Air Frieght services are your best choice when time is of the essence for your cargo, as we deliver regular worldwide departures.
When cost is a major consideration, our sea freight services are the best option. Of course, certain goods cannot be transported by air due to their size or weight, or because they are not allowed on board.
We provide the following logistics services:

  1. Deliveries of cargo - Full Container Loads (FCL), Less than Container Loads(LCL) and Put of Gauge (OoG) Consignments
  2. Marine Liability Insurance(Sea and Airfreight)
  3. Duty Paid and Bond Storage Warehousing
  4. Cargo Distribution and Collection
  5. Freight by Road
  6. Container Unpacking and Repacking

We ha over 5 years of experience in assisting importers in Nigeria, Ghana, Gambia, Liberia, South Africa, the United Kingdom and the United Stated.
We can complete import customs clearance, store and deliver shipments form all major airports and seaports in Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and the United States.
We provide assistance with all possible customs regimes and ensure tha our customers have access to services

Our global network, which spans over 160 countries, makes us the best option for your cargo needs. We will make the necessary arrnagements if you want airport-to-airport door-to-door, or some combination ot the two. Your can do things your way; the options are limitless. Don't worry, your cargo will remain secure.
We have a service to suit your needs, regardless of the size, form, or frequency of your freight
Our air freight services include:

  1. Full charter
  2. Part charter
  3. On-board Cargo and Courier Consolidation
  4. Back to Back

Let us know what you need and we will be there.

For quotations and other enquiries, kindly contact us, we are available!